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Stephen Kings

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Romane von Stephen King in der richtigen Reihenfolge

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Writes reviews of J. Rowling 's Harry Potter series for Entertainment Weekly magazine. The fictional town of Castle Rock is located in Maine.

Stand by Me , accidentally set it in Oregon. This is because the original story, "The Body," only mentions that Castle Rock is near Portland, without identifying which state.

It is only identified as being in Maine in his other stories. The only clues in "The Body" that it takes place in Maine is the fact that the local radio stations begin with W, which, with only a few exceptions, applies only to stations east of the Mississippi River.

Many of his stories take place in or near the fictional small town of Castle Rock, Maine. The first film to be based on a Castle Rock story was The Dead Zone Director Rob Reiner subsequently named his production company Castle Rock Entertainment.

In he was offered the chance to write and direct A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Was such a fan of the film 28 Days Later Son Joseph Hillstrom King is also a novelist.

He spent the past several years writing under the pen name Joe Hill, the name of a labor leader who is also his namesake. Fan of B-Movie Scream Queen Linnea Quigley.

Cites Sir William Golding 's novel Lord of the Flies as a major influence on him. One of the chapters in that book was "Castle Rock," which later became the name of a fictional town in several of King's stories.

Worked as an English teacher before becoming a professional writer. Many of his characters are also teachers.

In his book "On Writing", he states that as punishment for making fun of Ellen Margitan, the vice principal of Lisbon High, he is sent to the offices of the Lisbon Enterprise to work with the editor, John Gould which he states is not "the" John Gould.

In fact, it was "the" John Gould, famous Maine humorist and it was John Gould that helped King develop into a writer that people wanted to read.

He's a huge fan of the hit ABC TV show Lost , which often makes references to his works. He even trusted J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof to adapt the "Dark Tower" series into a film series.

After watching the first cut of Rob Reiner 's Stand by Me , he was said to be crying and stated it was the closest adaptation to one of his novels he'd ever seen.

A fan of J. Rowling and the Harry Potter novels. Controversially, King once wrote a complimentary "Blurb" for the back cover of L.

Ron Hubbard 's book "Fear". When it was discovered in that he and Richard Bachman were one and the same, he retired the use of that name.

He resurrected Bachman about a decade later, using the name as the author of The Regulators, a companion piece to his own novel Desperation.

Since then, he has issued other new novels using the name Bachman, with the dust jackets jokingly claiming the books to have been a posthumous discovery by Bachman's widow.

Bachman is said to have died in from "Cancer of the Pseudonym". Adaptations of his work have featured two generations of Sheens and Sutherlands.

Kiefer Sutherland appeared in Stand by Me , while Donald Sutherland appeared in Salem's Lot Martin Sheen and Ramon Estevez both appeared in The Dead Zone and Emilio Estevez appeared in Maximum Overdrive Will allow aspiring film-makers to purchase the film rights to any of his short stories and only short-stories, not novels for a dollar.

The resulting films are sent directly to him and, if he enjoys them, placed on a shelf marked "Dollar-Babies. His novels are frequently adapted to the screen by Frank Darabont , Mick Garris , and Rob Reiner.

In he fulfilled a lifetime ambition, expressed in Salem's Lot, of being interviewed in Playboy Magazine. The Magazine also published a poem by King, entitled "The Bone Church", which featured the immortal line "And balls to your grinning face!

His characters frequently meet other characters from other Stephen King books. In Tommyknockers, for example, poet Jim Gardner encounters Jack, from The Talisman, on a beach.

The description of the character Ben Mears, in Salem's Lot, is taken from King himself. As a little boy he had a recurring nightmare in which he entered a room and saw a suicide victim hanging from the ceiling.

He later incorporated this scene into an early book, Salem's Lot. Several actors have made multiple appearances in television and film adaptations of King's work.

Ed Harris was in Needful Things as well as The Stand and a segment of Creepshow His wife, Amy Madigan , appeared in The Dark Half , which also featured his Needful Things character.

John Cusack made a brief appearance in Stand by Me and later starred in Kathy Bates starred in Misery and Dolores Claiborne and later had a cameo in The Stand Gary Sinise starred in The Stand and had a cameo in The Green Mile David Morse played Brutal in The Green Mile and also played Adult Bobby Garfield in Hearts in Atlantis as well Capt.

Brian Engle in The Langoliers Rob Lowe had major roles in both The Stand and TBS' of Salem's Lot Timothy Hutton starred in The Dark Half and also in Secret Window Thomas Jane starred in The Mist and Dreamcatcher alongside Morgan Freeman , who was also in The Shawshank Redemption Both Jeffrey DeMunn and William Sadler were in The Shawshank Redemption , The Green Mile and The Mist Harry Dean Stanton appears in Christine and has a cameo in The Green Mile Walsh has a cameo in Misery and appears in Needful Things James Cromwell appeared in The Green Mile and 'Salem's Lot TV ' the previous version of which featured his wife, Julie Cobb.

Miguel Ferrer appeared in The Stand , 'The Shining TV ', and 'The Night Flier TV '. Famously disliked Stanley Kubrick 's The Shining , which was adapted from his novel of the same name.

King was opposed to the casting of Jack Nicholson who, in his opinion, did not accurately portray the gradual descent into madness that the book had described.

He also lamented that many story elements, some of them autobiographical and important to King, had not been included, such as alcoholism and his father issue.

King therefore produced a mini series of The Shining that follows his novel more closely, but is generally regarded as inferior to Kubrick's interpretation.

His novel Misery is about a writer with a recurring character in a long series of books, who is in a serious car accident after finishing the last book in the series.

King was himself in the middle of an ongoing series; The Dark Tower; when he was hit by a truck in Surviving that accident is what ultimately prompted him to finish the series.

He has recently decided to write one more book in the series, to be entitled The Wind in the Keyhole, due for a release.

In Misery, the writer also decides to continue writing his series after surviving his encounter with an obsessed fan.

In , his fondness for the Harry Potter books came full circle, when it was announced that Potter director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves would be making a new adaptation of his novel The Stand.

His memoir "On Writing" has been praised by Roger Ebert as the most useful and insightful book about writing since The Elements of Style. A rumor circulated for years that he did not want to complete his novel "Pet Sematary" as it frightened him to do any writing for it.

King or Doubleday the publisher may have started the story and while not exactly true it is partially based in fact. King fell into a depression while writing it and had no desire to complete it while feeling the strong melancholy.

Suicides have occurred in three of the houses the King family have lived in. The first author to have three simultaneous titles on the publishers weekly list: Firestarter, The Dead Zone, and The Shining.

In October , King broke his own record by having four books hit the NY Times bestseller list: Skeleton Crew, Thinner, The Talisman, and The Bachman Books.

All three of his children as well as his wife have followed his footsteps into writing. His favourite way of relaxing is to take a bath while smoking a cigarette, and listen to a Red Sox game on the radio, propped on the sink.

He would also drink a beer during the days when he was an alcoholic. King played guitar badly in a high school band. He would often change the lyrics into something gross but funny on the spot.

In later years, movie studios and production companies snapped up the film rights for King novels before the books saw print, e. Delores Claiborne.

King writes for hours a day. He used to write words a day, now he can only manage King once flew on a plane that ran into turbulence.

The oxygen mask came out, and his seat was ripped from the floor and he landed on his side, still strapped in. It was a while before he could get on a plane again.

Against abortion because he likens it to abandonment, something his father did to him when he was a child. He will never co-author a book with his wife, because he feels that if they ever did, it would lead to divorce court.

In , King played with the Rock Bottom Remainders to sell-out arenas. King has a deal with Castle Rock; they can have his work for a dollar, but he gets script approval, he approves the director, cast approval, and he can pull the plug anytime, no matter how much money was spent.

King gets depressed when people say The Stand is his best book because that was written three decades ago and implies he hasn't written anything as good since.

When King was hit by a van in , he was lucky not to have been killed outright. While in recovery, one of his lungs had collapsed, he had four broken ribs, a gash to the head that needed 20 stitches and his spine was chipped in eight places.

His right leg almost had to be amputated but doctors managed to save it. The only thing undamaged in the accident were the lenses in King's glasses; he later replaced the frame.

During King's recovery after being knocked down by a van in , he was appalled when he was hooked up to a morphine drip, what with his former past as a drug addict.

He didn't become re-addicted by doctors keeping him below the recommended dose. He could feel the craving bubbling to the surface, but this time experience prepared him to recognize the danger signs.

By the time he came home, he had lost 40 pounds. None of the nurses cracked any "Misery" jokes but he said he would have appreciated the dark irony.

He could only write for up to an hour and a half every day, so he spent the Winter in Florida; the warm weather would aid his recovery. He still needs to walk with a cane though.

After accepting a literary award in , he had a relapse and had to spend another month in hospital. He weighed pounds and nearly died. Tabitha took the opportunity to refurbish his office.

The one thing King is reluctant to write is an autobiography. The nearest he's ever come to that is the CV section of his non-fictional book On Writing.

Has a fear of therapists. He had to conquer that fear during the worst stages of his alcoholism and drug addiction. Has a fear of flying. He once suffered an injury on an airplane when it flew into turbulence, which no doubt exacerbated his fear.

Hates being famous. He's also uncomfortable in large crowds. Since the publication of Carrie in , his books have never been out of print; a rare feat for an author.

On the night King's mother died, his son had a terrible choking fit at home. He's had a fear of choking ever since.

His mother's death drove him further into drink. Because The Shining came from a very personal place, King managed to write the book very quickly.

While in school, King published his first short story, which appeared in Startling Mystery Stories. After graduating with a degree in English in , he tried to find a position as a teacher but had no luck at first.

King took a job in a laundry and continued to write stories in his spare time until late , when he began working as an English educator at Hampden Academy.

It was that year that he also married fellow writer Tabitha Spruce. In , King sold his first novel, Carrie , the tale of a tormented teen who gets revenge on her peers.

The book became a huge success after it was published the following year, allowing him to devote himself to writing full time.

It was later adapted for the big screen with Sissy Spacek as the title character. He came up with the alias after seeing a novel by Richard Stark on his desk actually a pseudonym used by Donald Westlake coupled with what he heard playing on his record player at the time — "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," by Bachman Turner Overdrive.

For a good portion of his career, King wrote novels and stories at a breakneck speed. He published several books per year for much of the s and '90s.

His compelling, thrilling tales have continued to be used as the basis of numerous films for the big and small screens.

Actress Kathy Bates and actor James Caan starred in the critically and commercially successful adaptation of Misery in , with Bates winning an Oscar for her performance as the psychotic Annie Wilkes.

Four years later, The Shawshank Redemption , starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and based on one of his stories, became another acclaimed outing with multiple Oscar nominations.

King's novel The Stand became a miniseries with Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinise in the lead, while the mid-'90s serialized outing The Green Mile was turned into a prison-based film starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan.

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Heroes for Hope American Vampire Michael Jackson's Ghosts Black Ribbons Ghost Brothers of Darkland County The Best American Short Stories Six Scary Stories Flight or Fright Dollar Baby Fictional locations in Maine Castle Rock Derry Jerusalem's Lot Shawshank State Prison Multiverse All-World.

Tabitha King wife Joe Hill son Owen King son. List of adaptations Bibliography of works on Stephen King Raymond H. Fogler Library archives Rock Bottom Remainders Philtrum Press Six Stories Stephen King Goes to the Movies Charlie the Choo-Choo Hearts in Suspension The Secretary of Dreams Castle Rock Entertainment.

Book Category. Associated subjects. Adaptations of works by Stephen King. Cujo The Dead Zone Christine Cat's Eye Silver Bullet The Running Man Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Graveyard Shift Needful Things The Dark Half Dolores Claiborne Thinner The Night Flier The Green Mile Hearts in Atlantis Dreamcatcher Secret Window Riding the Bullet No Smoking The Mist Dolan's Cadillac A Good Marriage Mercy Cell The Dark Tower Gerald's Game In the Tall Grass Carrie The Rage: Carrie 2 Carrie Carrie Creepshow Creepshow 2 Creepshow 3 Children of the Corn The Final Sacrifice Urban Harvest The Gathering Fields of Terror Isaac's Return Revelation Children of the Corn Genesis Runaway Children of the Corn Stand by Me The Shawshank Redemption Apt Pupil Firestarter Rekindled Maximum Overdrive Trucks Pet Sematary Pet Sematary Two Pet Sematary Misery Julie Ganapathi The Mangler The Mangler 2 Reborn The Lawnmower Man Beyond Cyberspace It It Chapter Two The Shining Doctor Sleep Salem's Lot A Return to Salem's Lot Salem's Lot It Woh Sometimes They Come Back Sometimes They Come Back Again Sometimes They Come Back The Stand The Stand — The Dead Zone — Kingdom Hospital Haven — Under the Dome — The Mist Mr.

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Download as PDF Printable version. References and footnotes. Nominee, World Fantasy Award , [2]. Runner-up 4th place , Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel , [2].

Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman. Nominee, World Fantasy Award , ; Runner-up 15th place , Locus Award , [2]. Runner-up 2nd place , Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel , [2].

The Running Man. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. Runner-up 6th place , Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel , [2]. Nominee, World Fantasy Award , ; Runner-up 7th place , Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel , [2].

Cycle of the Werewolf. The Talisman. Written with Peter Straub ; Nominee, World Fantasy Award , ; Runner-up 4th place , Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel , [2].

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Stephen Kings Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors alive, known for writing horror, fantasy, and psychological thrillers. His books have sold more than million copies. Here's some background on the Maine-based writer and a bibliography, featuring details about some of his most notable works. Stephen King is a master of literary horror whose 61 published books have transcended the realm of belief with tales of the paranormal, murderous, haunting, bizarre, and most vile. When he authored Carrie, his first novel, in , his name immediately skyrocketed to one of the most recognizable in the horror genre. The latest tweets from @StephenKing. Release Date: April 21st, From #1 New York Times bestselling author, legendary storyteller, and master of short fiction Stephen King comes an extraordinary collection of four new and compelling novellas—Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, The Life of Chuck, Rat and the title story If It Bleeds — each pulling readers into intriguing and frightening places. The novella is a form King has returned to over and over again in the course of his amazing career, and many have been made into iconic. The following is a complete list of books published by Stephen King, an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. His books have sold more than million copies, and many of them have been adapted into feature films, television movies and comic books. Is this what you want for Harald Juhnke Sprüche kids, keeping in mind that controversy and surprise -- sometimes even shock -- are often the whetstone Blue Boxx which young minds are sharpened? He wanted to build an underground tunnel with a trolley you could ride between them. August 11, It is a dark, painful, and melancholy story. Stephen Edwin King ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Er schrieb auch unter Pseudonymen, als John Swithen und zwischen 19als Richard Bachman. Er ist vor allem bekannt für seine Horrorromane, die ihn zu einem der. Stephen Edwin King (* September in Portland, Maine) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Er schrieb auch unter Pseudonymen, als John. Es (Originaltitel: It) ist ein Horror-Roman des amerikanischen Schriftstellers Stephen King. Er erzählt die Geschichte von sieben Kindern, die sich gegen eine​. Band der Gwendy-Reihe. Diesen Roman hat Richard Chizmar allerdings alleine geschrieben. Über den Autor Stephen King: Der in Portland, Maine. I know writers who claim not to read their notices, or not to be hurt by the bad ones if they do, and I actually believe two of these individuals. Retrieved March 11, The New York Times. She ain't never gonna be right". Archived from the original on February 26, Retrieved December 3, A comedy horror film written and directed Perfektes Dinner Punkte King, based on King's short story " Trucks ". Gwendy's Button Box. Archived from Del Taste original on March 28, King's novel The Stand became a Raspberry Pi Ssd with St Ursula Geilenkirchen Ringwald and Gary Sinise in the lead, while the mid-'90s serialized outing The Green Mile was turned into a prison-based film starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. In the early s, King developed a drinking problem which would plague him for more than a decade. Carrie The Rage: Carrie 2 Carrie Carrie
Stephen Kings Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, , at the Maine General Hospital in Portland. His parents were Nellie Ruth (Pillsbury), who worked as a caregiver at a mental institute, and Donald Edwin King, a merchant seaman. 63 rows · The following is a complete list of books published by Stephen King, an American author of . Stephen King is a famous American author known for his horror and suspense books. This biography of Stephen King provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.
Stephen Kings

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Er schafft es einmal mehr, seine Leser und Hörer zutiefst zu erschrecken. William HurtWilliam Becker Navi Update Kostenlos Download. Er ist vor allem bekannt für seine Horrorromanedie ihn zu einem der meistgelesenen und kommerziell erfolgreichsten Autoren der Gegenwart machen. Serie: Bill Hodges Trilogie.


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